We acquire, service and maintain long-term relationships with Customers from all over Europe. Thanks to the fact that we act at the frontline of Customer contact, we are among the first in the world to find out about the technological innovations that Customers want to bring to market with our help. We work in assistant, specialist and sales positions, which has led to a mastery of both internal and Customer collaboration. For our teams of several people, we are looking for people who want to grow in sales, who find contact with contractors a welcome challenge, who are able to maintain long-term relationships and who communicate perfectly in English or German.

Every electronic device that surrounds us in everyday life is made up of small components. It can be said that the life of a particular module begins in our department, as we are responsible for verifying orders and the necessary documentation, purchasing electronic components for manufactured devices, as well as the entire process of implementing a particular module into production. We are looking for employees to join our growing team of professionals who are fluent in English, have good technical skills and a desire to learn about the electronics industry from the inside out. We guarantee that you won’t get bored working with us!

Have you ever wondered how the devices you use every day were manufactured? A speaker, a mixer, a printer, a validation machine or a ticket machine? We are the ones responsible, in a multi-stage manufacturing process, for making the modules that make the devices that surround each of us function. We are a team in which everyone specialises in a specific production area. We occupy positions where a willingness to learn, manual skills, technical acumen and knowledge of electronics are the basis for further development. We also have the willingness and ability to share knowledge, so we are looking for people to join our team who want to start working in a rapidly growing electronics industry. We will teach you everything!

The daily support of the units responsible for warehouse, administration, accounting, IT, human resources and payroll, human resources management, marketing, legal aspects, business processes or quality is essential for the proper functioning of sales, purchasing or production. The experience of our specialists in the various departments means that we have no unanswered questions, and every day at work is a chance to gain new, valuable experience and directly contribute to the development of the entire Elhurt Group. Join our team and grow in the area that you find most interesting from the above mentioned ones!

Paweł Sidorkiewicz

Senior EMS Development Manager

This is my 4th year working at Elhurt EMS. After these few years, I can confidently say that I feel really comfortable here. I work with high quality experts and at the same time great people. I am constantly developing by taking on new challenges. Committed, ambitious and empathetic people will thrive here!

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Paulina Sadowska

DACH Area Department Manager​

Almost 12 years of working at Elhurt have resulted in a huge amount of experience, the implementation of many demanding projects and relationships with colleagues that are very valuable to me. I am sure that in the years to come it will only get better!

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Bogusława Zabłocka

Internal Sales Specialist

Working at Elhurt EMS allows me to have daily contact with customers and to improve my German language skills. I also value the daily cooperation with my colleagues from other departments of the company, as it allows me to expand my knowledge in the area of contract manufacturing.

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Information about current job offers can be found here.

The length of the recruitment process is largely dependent on the position for which the candidate applies. However, the time from the moment of sending the application to the moment of receiving the answer about starting cooperation never exceeds one month.

We are aware that remote work has become a popular form of cooperation. We endeavour to present a flexible approach in terms of human resources management, so in certain circumstances we offer the possibility of remote work to deployed and autonomous employees, of course if the specifics of their position allow it. However, we have a strong preference for working in the office, which enables us to strengthen team relations and has a much better influence on communication and results.

Of course! What matters to us is your qualifications, not your nationality, gender or age. We look for people who want to co-create an open organisation with us!

First of all, take your good mood with you and leave stress at the door!
We will be very pleased if you read the information about our company with interest.
Prepare questions about our company and the position you are applying for. The recruitment meeting is intended to enable us to get to know each other.

Knowledge of electronics is definitely an advantage, but in most of our recruitments we focus primarily on the willingness to learn and the determination of our prospective colleagues.

The most important factors for us are the candidates’ actual skills, personality, ability to work in a specific position and willingness to develop within our company. We therefore encourage all candidates to apply for our vacancies, irrespective of their level and field of education.

Every new employee can count on our full support during the induction period. Induction is carried out according to an individual Induction Plan and under the supervision of an Induction Supervisor.

We offer our employees two advancement paths: a financial path and a position path. Both advancement paths are described in detail and clearly, and candidates are made aware of this at the recruitment meeting.

Of course! During the recruitment process, we will determine together in which position your skills and experience can be most effectively used.